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Here, have some federal aide!

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Early Saturday, a 8.8 Magnitude earthquake jolted Chile. I was roaming CNN’s ever-changing story coverage and reading the forming opinions posted by fellow CNN subscribed users. First, let’s make something clear. It’s CHILE (the country) and not CHILI (the pepper I’d like to shove up your ass for being so goddamn stupid).

Being as my house keeper that cleans my mess every two weeks is on a current trip to her home country of the now earthquake-ruined Chile, my first thought was if she was okay. After all, I’m quite fond of her; she cleans my house well and I can trust her with my shit. The next thought in my mind was if President Barrack Hussein Obama was planning on giving relief aid to this country or if race was a factor in who he divvied our taxpayer’s money to?

We as Americans feel the need to help the entire world, it’s something I have come to call “The Superman Complex” or, most commonly, sheer stupidity. I was highly against the $100,000,000 we sent Haiti’s way, especially because we’re in such economic turmoil; not to mention the fact that we still have AMERICANS suffering from the after effects of 2005 Hurricane Katrina. However, we managed to muster up this money, a hospital boat, a telethon, and other things within days of Haiti’s earthquake. Was race a factor in all this? I think so. I don’t recall a celebrity sponsored, three-hour long telethon that whored up every single channel on my TV when Italy dealt with their 6.3 magnitude earthquake in early April of 2009. Do you?

I can’t wait to see how this plays out and if our African-American President will lend a helping hand to a Hispanic country. I look forward to your replies.

Welcome to The Honest Factor!

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Be honest, be real and most importantly, be YOU! This blog is meant for everyone’s opinions on today’s issues and tomorrow’s problems. There is no censorship or moderation here. My opinion matters just as much as the next and here we can argue, relate or agree to disagree on the top stories. Your honesty is just a number, how honest can you be and what is your HONEST FACTOR?

Let’s, however, up hold to some very simple rules to create a more sound environment.


  1. No blatant or excessive racism.  There is a way to say everything without saying much. Learn this valuable tool.
  2. No discussion of illegal substances or acts here. 
  3. Be honest and expect honesty in return. Opinions are like assholes– everyone has one and the one that isn’t yours is sure to stink. If you can’t handle it, don’t dish it. 
  4. Keep on topic with the discussion. We care not for your opinions on other things unless it has to do with the topic at hand. 
  5. Do not harass or threaten others because you are hurt by their honesty. There is a need for tough skin here. Fragile hearts and the thin skinned need to find another sanctuary where people conform to the opinions of others and where pigs fly.

The Honest Factor: Founded February 27th, 2010