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Cablevision versus ABC 7.

Here we go again, folks! Yet again has Cablevision decided to blast us with their propaganda of bullshit. This time, ABC7 is their victim. Move aside Food Network, we got bigger fish to fry (pun intended). What is it with Cablevision? First Food Network and now ABC7. Take a step back Cablevision and let’s look at who the common denominator is between these two petty spats? YOU.

Cablevision users in Brooklyn, Long Island, Bronx and Westchester County could be in the dark come Oscar’s night. Why? Because Cablevision is a big baby who has stopped getting it’s way after screwing it’s customers in the ass for the past couple of years.

Let’s look at the facts, shall we? Cablevision is charging you, the consumer extra for viewing ABC 7 while they themselves are getting the channel from A.B.C for F.R.E.E. Where is the fairness in this all? How can a company come across thinking it was okay to charge the consumers for something they are getting for no cost! Who was the dumb-ass who thought this idea was an ingenious one that would go amiss? I can tell you who– the same dumb-ass who is sitting behind his cherry mahogany office desk, counting his money and signing his own payroll checks. I can tell you what the idea behind this amazing idea was – the number on his check wasn’t big enough and between his two hour lunch break and his hour-long “Ways to screw over the consumer” meeting, he thought of a way to do exactly that.

So what is ABC doing in retaliation? They want a whopping $40 million from Cablevision in what they are calling a “TV TAX.” Cablevision is stating this tax will be taken from it’s “customers” in a very manipulative way to make you think that any further taxing is from ABC and not directly from Cablevision. THE TAX IS ALREADY THERE, CABLEVISION! ABC WANTS WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY THEIRS! Please don’t undermine my intelligence by telling me any further taxing will be due to ABC’s “TV tax” Any further tax we get, on top of what you have been already charging us for something that YOU, Cablevision, got for free is a tax you are imposing on us to make money off of us to make up for the money you now have to pay.

Common Cablevision, do the right thing and stop talking to your customers the way lawyers manipulate the jury! Make a deal that is fair and give back to your customers. Give us back our money and keep ABC for free. I like my ABC shows, I especially like The Oscars and if I have to watch it streamed on the internet when I could enjoy it on a 55 inch flat screen, I will be pissed. Further, if you do with ABC the way you did with Food Network and I have to watch a continual stream of your boring and manipulative commercial on a channel where I would have otherwise be enjoying The View, Grey’s Anatomy and one of the best News casting, I will be even more angered.

They say “The Customer is always right,” but it seems that is only true when we aren’t dipping into your deep pockets. Isn’t that right? Shame on you Cablevision.

What do you think? It’s time to see how honest you can be! What is your HONEST FACTOR?

  1. March 7, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    Am from NY and so pissed off about this!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT MY ABC BACK!

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