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Gosselin Children Get Work Permits

Kate Gosselin, do you support child labor? Let’s face it, without your eight, the only other TV shows I could see you doing is “Kate Without a Date,” “Kate Minus Her Mate” or “Kate the Irate.” You’re not entertainment material if it wasn’t for your children. Do you realize you’re sacrificing a normal childhood for your kin in exchange for a paycheck and a couple more minutes of fame? Shame on you.

A CNN article written on April 26, 2010 wrote “Gosselin Kids Get Work Permits for ‘Kate Plus 8.'” This has got to be a misuse of work permits for children. According to the state of Pennsylvania Child Labor Laws, “minors under 16 years of age may not be employed.” Yet, these children, obviously under the age of 16, were just cleared of getting Work Permits. According to our research, they were supposedly cleared for an Entertainment Work Permit for minors, a California-state work permit. I was under the impression that labor laws were on a state to state basis and what one state allows, another may not. Can a child be cleared for an Entertainment Work Permit in a state they aren’t necessarily working in? ‘Jon and Kate Plus 8’ was filmed in Pennsylvania, so why are their children allowed to work under a permit provided by California?

Further more, child labor laws explain that a child’s education should not be disrupted for the sake of work, yet I can recall an episode titled “Jon and Kate Plus 8: the First Day of School for the Sextuplets” where their children were filmed during a key part in their education, when building blocks for the rest of their lives are constructed. Jon and Kate were exploiting their children then, and Kate is doing it now– with a legal work permit backing her up. I also want to add in the law regarding how long a child is allowed, per the work permit, to be behind the camera lights. How do we know, for sure, that while the production of this ridiculous show all these guidelines are upheld to? It seems to me that what is taped, even after editing, is more than 40 hours a week (the normal work week for an ADULT). Some food for thought.

Kate Gosselin, you were a horrible dancer and America voted you off. With the lift-off of this show, you’re an even worse mother. The difference is, your children can’t vote you off. Do the right thing for your children and stop the reality TV madness in the lives of your eight children. Let them grow up without a camera in front of their face and stop attempting to suck the entertainment dry for your last seconds of fame. Go be a mother. According to CNN, Gosselin commented, saying “I’m a working mom, I’m single and I have to provide for my kids.” Yes, we understand that, but there are many women in your position and no one else has the luxury of using their kids on reality TV in exchange for a hefty paycheck. Go work at the mall or something, your situation is far from reality.

Shame on you, Kate Gosselin!

What are your opinions about this? How honest can you be and what is your HONEST FACTOR?

  1. April 27, 2010 at 9:09 pm

    What's sad is that these poor kids are being used for entertainment purposes while they're still dealing with daddy not being around. What a joke. TBS should be ashamed too.

  2. April 27, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    thats sad, those kids are gonna be rly f'ed up when they get older.

  3. April 28, 2010 at 12:13 am

    Shame on you Honest Factor!!! How dare you pretend to know what's going on in that woman's life. As a mother myself, I will do anything, and I mean anything to make sure my children are provided for. Did you ever stop and think that the children might actually enjoy all the attention they are getting? The show won't last forever, so let her capitalize on it while she's still a headline. Now, about her dancing, Yes I agree that she certainly was not up to par with anyone else on the show, but then again, the woman has zero "limelight" skills. I give her credit for having the guts to perform week after week all while being a mom too.

  4. April 28, 2010 at 1:02 am

    At least she is not on food stamps or some sort of federal assistance. Let her and he kids pay taxes. I personally don't give a damn and I already spend too much of my precious time writing about this.

  5. April 28, 2010 at 1:30 am

    I think Hugh Hefner shoulda said yes. I wanna see that cougar NAKED! Or maybe not, Jon cheated on her for a reason and I can only have nightmares about what having 8 children does to ones lower extremities!

  6. April 28, 2010 at 1:42 am

    I think Hugh declining her from Playboy made her realize she isn't hot shit like she may have once thought and decided that the only reason that she is known, is for her kids. Therefore, she does what she does best ; exploits her kids. Ok, sure "John and Kate plus 8" was a unique idea and filtered on the family as a whole (or so I assume as I'm not one to watch pointless, stupid shows). But now for her to keep at it and using her kids to further keep herself in the spotlight just shows what type of mother she is.You think it's healthy to grow up being televised 24/7 and having people with cameras following you around everywhere, hampering on your schooling and personal life? Please, those kids will not learn the fundamentals which all of us learned because they can't be themselves.Kate, you had your 5 minutes of fame (or shame), now it's time for you to realize you don't live in a cupcake world. Please, for the sake of your children, stop what you're doing. World knows, you continue on this path and before we all know you're going to stick one of your kids in a giant balloon and let it go.

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