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Banning Smoking from Beaches/Parks?

August 21, 2010 4 comments

With each inhale and exhale of the otherwise legal substance, a smoker is lowering their life expectancy by seven minutes. Now while that number may not be a lot in small numbers, it can and will add up over time. Due to the additional dangerous nature of second hand smoke, states country-wide have banned smoking in public areas such as restaurants, buses, subway trains, etc. However, where does the limitations end?

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is in agreement to a new notion to also ban smoking from open areas in New York City such as beaches and parks. While I agree with the laws against smoking in enclosed areas, why are smokers now being threatened in public and open areas? Central park is 843 acres in size, surely the smoke from one cigarette (or even hundreds) isn’t a harmful threat to anyone within the area. Stay upwind for Christ sake!

I just think this is ridiculous. Surely the toxic fumes from an exhaust pipe of a semi-truck is more detrimental to our environment than the cigarette of one person in open air. We need to remember that this is a LEGAL substance, and everyone has a right to smoke where they want in public areas, and within their home. What is next? Are you going to claim a parent unfit of raising their children if the home they are raising them in is not smoke-free? Are you going to mandate smokers to place a smoke sign on their door to warn those who enter it? Are you going to give people the right to turn away smokers form their establishments if their clothes smell like cigarette smoke? Are you going to ban a person from smoking in their car if their car window is open? What about a radius ban, keeping smokers a minimum of 10 feet away from establishments, children, non-smokers, pets? This is open air, flowing around constantly. What if a smoker was to take a step outside the park, would that be okay? Am I getting the point across with how asinine this notion sounds? I hope so.

What are your opinions about this? Are you a smoker or not? How honest can you be and what is your HONEST FACTOR?

The Debate on Prop 8

August 20, 2010 8 comments

Can marry, can’t marry. Can marry, can’t marry. I think our  politicians in the state of California are sexually confused. Though, that’s expected when our country is ran by old school geriatric fucks with one foot in the grave. Maybe what we need is an overhaul of young politicians with a fresh outlook on everything. Then, and only then, do I see a bright light at the end of this ridiculously long tunnel where everything within it is controlled by the government.

Why should anyone, but the two people involved, feel they have the right to judge others and say what is and isn’t valid? We are in an ever-growing society, where things that were once look down upon and not spoken of are blossoming and becoming the norm. Our country cannot live on the words from a 300 year old document. There are some serious revisions that need to be discussed and implemented as soon as humanly possible.

Not only are we currently experiencing one of the biggest changes to date on our constitution, but we are watching it deal with twists and turns never expected. If you say it’s legal, Mr. Federal Judge, it’s legal! Make the change and move on. Don’t fling these poor people around on a feeble piece of thread as you determine their future when, in reality, you shouldn’t even have the right to.

These are Americans, why the fuck is it any of anyone else’s business who they sleep next to at night as long as they are paying their taxes, being law-abiding citizens and contributing positively to society? Anyone denying their right to live and love is a inbred hillbilly who doesn’t have the IQ high enough to look outside the proverbial box.

Now, while millions of people wait until the government of California take their heads out of the sand to realize society is ever-changing and requires laws to match, make sure you live, love and do it the way YOU want to. You’ll get that piece of paper one day, even if it kills the old fucks for signing it into the law. After all, this is America; complicated and drawn out is how we roll.

Flight Attendant Goes Postal (err)

August 10, 2010 6 comments

Now, if anyone is going to go out in style, follow the lead of Steven Slater. The 20 plus veteran flight attendant for Jet Blue had enough earlier today after dealing with a rotten customer. After getting hit on the forehead with the overhead compartment by a rude customer, he told the entire plan to “Fuck off” over the loud speaker (I’m sure that’s not in the seat back guide in front of you),  grabbed a few brewskies on the house (they’re expensive anyway), slid down an emergency water slide (as if they ever get any use otherwise), and high tailed the fuck outta there.

How many times did you want to leave work like that? If you say never, you’ve either never been employed or lying. Customers just have a way of getting under the skin of those working to please them because, well, they don’t expect the person to go crazy. I believe it’s something regarding being able to treat someone like crap, and not get punched in the face in return mentality. Someone sees someone else working and automatically things they can get away with 10x more bullshit than someone off the street. I bet you’ll think again before yelling at a person in the field of customer service after this!

Does it hurt people to show a little common courtesy and respect to someone who is otherwise trying to serve you? I mean, it’s not that they WANT you to have a good experience. Let’s face it, they really don’t fucking care about you or your experience, at the end of the day they just WANT a paycheck. No one wants to hear you complain about how horrible your experience was, especially the measly worker who can’t do anything about it, nor do they care for your attitude, either. Where in anyone’s right mind do they think they can get away with treating someone like an utter piece of garbage? I want the name of that person! I bet you they have a shitty customer service job themselves.

Working with people will drive you near close to borderline insane (or, in Steven Slater’s case, literally insane). Everyone has this mentality that the customer is always right. News flash! The big corporations just want you to think that, don’t get all comfortable in your little invisible bubble. In the end, you, your opinion and your experience don’t fucking matter, deal with it and move on.

Is it so hard to be respectful to everyone, regardless if they are in the position to serve you. You’d be fucking crazy to do anything but.  Especially now.

Thanks, Steven Slater, for doing something 99% of the working class dream up of doing every single day.