There isn’t much to say about me. There is no need to know who I am or where I am. What is important is how I feel and how you feel about today’s issues that usually stem into tomorrow’s problems in a place where there is no moderation and censorship.

Love me, or hate me — but at least I’m honest and you should be too! There is no sense in lying about how you feel or holding it in. This is the internet, the place where being an opinionated and honest asshole reigns supreme. The internet won’t burn to the ground if we tack on one more to the list.

Whether you’re here for a laugh, or here to post your opinions on how you feel without prejudice, you’re at the right place. So continue on and enjoy, afterall, a smart man once said…

“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Have fun and time to wise up, buttercup!

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